Why what I used to think about health has changed, with Jonny Wilkinson

When it comes to sports legends, they don’t get much bigger than Jonny Wilkinson. He’s one of the most decorated rugby players and famously represented England in the 2003 World Cup Final, when his drop goal clinched victory for the nation in the last 30 seconds. However, in recent years he’s branched out: today he is a mental health advocate and motivational speaker. He hosts his own podcast, I Am, which features thought leaders and pioneers talking honestly about their challenges and inspirations. And he’s passionate about healthy eating, with his own range of fermented food products, No.1 Living, on sale at Holland & Barrett.

In this deep and spiritual chat, Jonny and Gemma discuss the importance of living in the now, and how it feels to reach your goals, only to have the experience not live up to your expectations. Jonny talks about how health isn’t a goal you can ever achieve, but a work in progress. He recalls how his passion for gut health started and what it means now, and how it’s part of his overall journey in terms of how his perception and appreciation of his body has changed since being a sportsman. This is a really rich conversation with so much for everybody to take from it, as well as Jonny’s practical tips for wellbeing.


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