Reset your sleep routine with Stephanie Romiszewski

Whether it’s caused by anxiety over the pandemic, or our always-on lifestyles and inability to stop the scroll, we’re in the midst of a sleep crisis. In this episode, leading sleep physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski explains that so much of what we are being told to do to improve our sleep is actually making it worse. But, if we think about our sleep differently, there are simple changes we can make to our behaviour to help us sleep better. In this advice-packed podcast, she talks to Gemma about her tools for sleep, including why getting up at the same time every day is so important and why we shouldn’t go to bed unless we’re tired.

Stephanie Romiszewski is one of the UK’s leading sleep experts, whose clear, claim advice comes from her experience working with her clients at the Sleepy Head Clinic. This is a must-listen (and potentially life-changing) episode for anyone who ever struggles with their sleep, or lives with someone who does.


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