How to love and accept yourself with Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch might have shot to fame as a child actor playing Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, but she’s also a committed vegan, a body positivity ambassador and the author of a powerful new book charting her eating disorder and subsequent mental health journey and recovery – The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting. In this honest and sometimes emotional conversation, she talks about why she wrote the book to change the conversation around eating disorders and put the focus on mental wellbeing, and to give comfort to other sufferers. She also explains how her veganism helps with her mental health and to feel connected to nature, and that once you ‘root your why’ being vegan comes from a place of joy. Evanna offers her advice for anyone struggling with a negative body image and how to feel better about your body.

Please be aware this episode does include an honest conversation about eating disorders, which some may find upsetting. This episode is compelling and sometimes raw, but the message is ultimately uplifting – how to love and accept yourself.

For more information and support about eating disorders, visit the B-EAT website


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The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting, The Tragedy and The Glory of Growing Up A Memoir, is out now, £14.99.

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