Harnessing the healing powers of food, with Dr Rupy

Best-selling author and founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, Dr Rupy Aujla is one of the biggest names in lifestyle medicine. Starting out as an overworked junior doctor, his health was massively impacted when he suddenly found himself suffering from a heart condition characterised by episodes of a very fast, irregular heartbeat. While doctors recommended aggressive medical treatment, his traditional Indian mother suggested he look at his lifestyle first - it worked, leading to his new career showing people the medicinal effects of eating and living well.


In this informative chat, Dr Rupy recounts the revelation of how his research into nutrition, sleep, exercise and breathwork resulted in this change in lifestyle and no more irregular heartbeat episodes. He and Gemma discuss practising gratitude, nutritional psychiatry, how the gut microbiome links to mental health, and probiotics. He also shares his morning routine and why a good foundation to the day is so important.


This lively podcast will give you a boost of positivity as well as easy, practical pointers on eating to improve your health and happiness. 



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