Get your glow on, how to develop healthy habits, with Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw might only be in her early thirties, but she’s well established in the wellness world, having published her first book, Get the Glow, back in 2015 . As well as being a leading voice in the wellness scene, Madeleine is a nutritional therapist, podcaster, best-selling cookery writer, qualified yoga instructor and mum, who is powered by her personal mission to help people to 'Get the Glow’ by taking a balanced and holistic approach to their health.

In this relaxed chat, Madeleine talks to Gemma about starting out on her wellness journey when she was diagnosed with IBS, at a time when our knowledge of gut health and what constitutes a healthy diet was far less evolved than it is now. She discusses her morning and evening routines, why meditation brings her comfort and gives her tips for how to do it. She also shares advice on instilling healthy habits in children and her favourite snacks if you’re on the go – plus why how you eat is as important as what you eat. 

Madeleine has a range of nutritional oral sprays she created in collaboration with Better You, which are on sale in health outlets, including Holland & Barrett across the UK. Check out her podcast, Get Your Glow Back, all about how mums can meet the challenges of navigating motherhood. Check out her website, and her ‘Happy Gut Guide’ at, which is an online programme for those suffering with digestive problems.


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