Changing your habits, with Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia is a sustainable living blogger, YouTuber and author, who champions low-impact and minimal living. Based in Cornwall, she shares her plant-based recipe creations and sustainable living tips with her audience, and has written a book, Minimal, about how to love yourself and the planet.

If you’ve been tempted by the idea of minimal living but thought it was unachievable, this episode is for you. Madeleine talks about a slow, kindness-based approach to sustainability – a refreshing take on a topic that can at times feel inflexible. She and Gemma explore how conscious decision-making benefits our wellbeing; letting go of perfection and how this can make way for self-discovery; and how being kind to ourselves, our bodies and the planet are one and the same. Plus Madeleine shares her wellness ethos, realistic advice on sustainable living, and practical plant-based recipe tips – including the secret to cooking great tofu.

Please be aware that the conversation does also briefly cover Madeleine’s recovery from an eating disorder. If you need more support on this topic, you can access information and resources at


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Book - Author of Minimal: how to simplify your life and live sustainably 

Was published in 2020 - popular Youtube channel with 550K subscribers

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