Patch #99 - When Is It Appropriate To Compliment A Stranger?

Christian received a wonderful compliment while riding his bike and he was thoroughly chuffed. He tells us about how chuffed he was. Megachuffed.

Josh has big issues with message reactions. What was wrong with a good 'haha' or a 'lol' - there's too many options now and it's an absolute disgrace. Does reacting to a message signify simple acknowldgement or is it rude and dismissive?

We also discuss if you should always go and visit a friends 'new place' and what you're looking out for when visiting. Who's responsibility is it to organise the 'checking out' of the new place, the mover inner, or the friend who wants to see the new place?

With very special guest 'Oh Wow' and 'Time to Think'.

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