Patch #98 - How Generously Should You Spread Butter On Toast?

Josh wonders why Christian and Dion chose to print their name while signing the pair of elf slippers ew auctioned off. Turns out Christian would rather get a celebrity print their name rather than sign it.

We all agree that shopping centre interactive maps are very confronting and give you a false sense of security until you instantly get lost at the corner of the National Geogrpahic and JB Hi-Fi wondering if you were meant to turn right or turn due South.

It's Dion's turn for 'Good at / Bad at' this week and he's shocking at buttering bread. Most of this turns out to be an issue with hard blocks of butter so I feel we can let Dion off lightly for this one.

With very special guest 'Wheel of Fortune Cookie' and 'Really Good'.

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