#182 - Alien Abductions: The First Abductees

Bob begins a new series based on renowned alien abduction cases. We talk about what may be involved in an alien abduction, as well as the cases of Antonio Vilas-Boas and Elizabeth Klarer. (lots of sex on this one).


Clips from the following YouTube videos featured on this episode:

The Man Who Says He Was Abducted by Aliens - Oprah Winfrey Network

Alleged Abductee Shows Physical 'Proof' - ABC News

LEX18 Investigates UFO Abduction - LEX18


For this series we will be supporting Bob's sister, Abi, in her journey to run the London Marathon in aid of ABI (Acquired Brain Injury):

You can find her fundraising page here:



Outro music this week:

Locked Up, by Akon (not the alien)


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