#154 - Zodiac, part 2: The Suspects

Tiss hosts the 2nd part of our Zodiac killer 2-parter.

Who was Zody? Rubs Dad, Rick Marshall, Arthur Leigh Allan, Richard Gaikowski, or someone else altogether?

Listen to us attempt to crack the case...

Clips from the following YouTube videos:

Zodiac Real Voice On Jim Dunbar

FBI Confirms Zodiac Killer Cypher Has Been Cracked, by The Infographics Show

Why This Man Believes His Father Is The Zodiac Killer, by Access

Zodiac Killer Suspects - Rick Marshall Interview, by ZodiacKillerCase

His Name Was Arthur Leigh Allen, by pedrobosox

and this video on Vimeo:

MysteryQuest: San Francisco Slaughter

and, we recommend visiting zodiackiller.com for further information and investigation.

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