S6 EP 6: Privacy and Protections with the ACLU's Jennifer Granick

The ACLU has been more visible in recent years, which is a great thing. Whether it’s fighting the US government’s Muslim ban or working to end the suffering of young immigrants at our borders, the ACLU has played a big role in the defense of American Civil Liberties and been a champion for their mission in digital media across the United States.

Our next guest is working behind the scenes to protect us in this modern world. As Surveillance and Cybersecurity Counsel at the ACLU, Jennifer Granick works on Government Surveillance and Speech and Privacy in its technology division. At the core of what she does is fight against the intrusion of technology, surveillance and search when it infringes on our basic civil liberties. This covers everything from if Ring doorbell cameras should be accessible to police investigators to whether immigration officials should be able to access social media accounts.

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