07: Luba Tolkachyov - #MILLIONAIREGIRL: From quitting her day job to building a multimillion dollar advertising agency!

This week, Alice has a chat with Luba Tolkachyov, who is a successful entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. She is the cofounder and Director of New Media for Gravity Media, which is a leading cultural advertising agency in New York City. Luba gained years of marketing experience while working for global brands like Coca-Cola and Red Bull North America. Just last year, she won a Stevie Award for Women in Business in the category of Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

Here’s what we learned from Luba:

It's extremely important to have advisers around who can help you make the beginning steps of your business journey. We all need support, so make sure you have a network of people that you can lean on from time to time.


Expect that you will be successful in what you're doing. Believing that you will succeed and that your dreams will come true is the only way to pursue your entrepreneurial journey!


Optimism is a big part of being an...