09: Ivy Slater - #MILLIONAIREGIRL: From dancing to building a million dollar printing company in NYC!

Welcome to the ninth episode of #WEARYOURDREAMS, hosted by Alice Oluyitan and featuring inspirational conversations with girls in business.

This week, Alice has a chat with Ivy Slater, who spent 20 years as owner and operator of a successful seven-figure printing business in New York, called Slater Graphics. Her clients included W Magazine and Harper's Bazaar, just to name a few. In 2008, Ivy started another company called Slater Success Coaching, where she helps a multitude of women business owners to achieve success on their own terms. She's also the author of Conquering Your Fear of Money: A Woman's Guide to Business Success.

Here’s what we learned from Ivy:

Don't take no for an answer! If someone closes the door in your face, don't give up. Just prove them wrong!

There is no perfect time to start your business, so why not start today? If you want to be an entrepreneur, just start taking action!

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