You're Wrong. Tanks Aren't Done Yet

The tank is an iconic weapon of modern war, but the truth is that it’s more than a century old. When we think of tanks we think of the battles of World War II. The Tiger and the Sherman squaring off, the relentless push of the Soviet T-34s into Eastern Europe. Or maybe you think of beige ones driving through the deserts of Iraq, keeping its crew snug and safe.

But how safe are you?

In Ukraine, Russia is losing many tanks. It’s hard to know how many exactly, and what is wartime propaganda. But, as of this podcast, the OSINT researchers at Oryx have documented a loss of 345 Russian tanks. 155  of which were destroyed.

Is the tank no longer an important part of war? Is it as outdated as the cavalry charge in the face of the Maxim gun?

Here to answer that question is Nicholas Drummond. Drummond is an Ex-British Army officer, a Defense industry analyst, and an advisor to the House of Commons defense committee. He writes at

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