When Mere Anarchy Was Loosed Upon Seattle

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, the CHAZ, the CHOP. It had many names, but from about June 8 to July 1, protesters occupied a portion of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle Washington. A utopia to some, a nightmare to others, the CHAZ became a symbol to the left and the right. The reality on the ground, as is always the case, is far more complicated.

With us today to talk about that messy reality is Nikki West. West is a freelance journalist and former Congressional staffer who lives in Capitol Hill in Seattle. She catalogued life in the CHAZ on her Instagram.

  • Recorded on 8/10/20
  • Daily life in the CHAZ
  • Violence in the autonomous zone
  • “The worst Coachella ever”
  • The CHAZ’s well organized systems
  • Ring wing violence
  • Competing activist agendas
  • How to build a city overnight
  • Decolonization cafe
  • White Wokes
  • Struggle sessions
  • What’s a tankie?
  • Violence and the end
  • Those aren’t fireworks

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