What's Behind Putin's Nazi Bullshit

This episode was originally going to be called something like not everything is the Holocaust. We were going to talk about how the Nazi attempt to kill all of Europe’s Jews during World War II wasn’t much like being told to get a vaccine or wear a mask.

But events have overtaken us. Mask mandates are falling and the war in Ukraine is all I can think about nowadays - I don’t know about you.

When Vladimir Putin ordered his invasion, he claimed he was going to de-Nazify Ukraine’s government.

That was bullshit, but like a lot of bullshit, there’s a germ of truth.

Today we’re going to talk about what it means to de-Nazify a government with a Jew at it’s head and an ambivalent history.

Joining me today is Edna Friedberg, a historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, who hosts, among other things their Facebook live show.

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