UNLOCKED: Inside Europe’s 3D Printed Gun Scene

Guns. Guns. Guns. We Americans love them, don’t we folks?

But the culture is different in other parts of the world and people who want to build their own weapons, make their own Ammo, and fire down range with a sweet semi-automatic have to break the rules to do so. Thanks to 3D printing, that’s getting a lot easier to do as groups like Deterrence Dispensed spread the good word—and the plans—of making guns at home. Is it for home defense? Is it all in good fun? Or is it part of a broader ideology? 

Here to help answer those questions is journalist, podcaster, and documentarian Jake Hanrahan. Deterrence Dispensed and 3D guns in Europe is the subject of Jake’s latest Popular Front documentary Plastic Defence, which is on YouTube.

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