TEASER: How 3D Printed Guns Will Rewrite Our Laws

Ghost guns. Untraceable weapons manufactured in the home. They’ve been with us forever, but they’ve taken on a new menace in the age of 3D printers and digital distribution. 

Here to walk us through the new phenomenon is Mark A Tallman. Tallman is an Assistant Professor of Homeland Security & Emergency Management at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. He’s also the author of Ghost Guns. Ghost Guns is an in depth, data driven, and dare I say nerdy deep dive into homemade weapons in the post-industrial age.


  • Recorded on 8/25/20
  • The second amendment
  • Cody Wilson and his terrible gun
  • Working on guns is like working on cars
  • “Most gun nerds are low risk”
  • Why ban the bump stock?
  • Additive manufacturing and the DIY weapons of mass destruction
  • Recycling plastics into weapons
  • The security implications of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Raytheon has 3D printed a missile
  • The tech backlash
  • The costs of compliance only hit the open sectors, but don’t halt illicit activity
  • The rise of the surveillance state


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