Proud Boys, the Boogaloo, and Everything in Between

What’s the difference between a Proud Boy and a Boogaloo Boi? Are Patriot Prayer and Patriot Front the same thing? If I wear a Hawaiian shirt while eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, does that make me a member of a far right group? How many of these tacticool bearded weirdos are there, really, and are they dangerous? If it feels like the world today is weirder, wilder, and grosser than the one in the past … I feel you. 2020 has seen an explosion of Far Right groups and if you find it hard to keep track of them all, you’re not alone.

Here to help us order and sort the Proud from the Boogaloo is Jason Wilson. Wilson is an independent journalist whose work has appeared in The Guardian and Bellingcat.

  • Recorded 10/1/20
  • What’s a proud boy?
  • The Proud Boys debate moment
  • Why Portland is the rallying point for far right groups
  • What the Justice Department knows and what it’s doing
  • Shirt movements, modern and historic
  • Boogaloo bois
  • What the numbers tell us
  • The John Birch Society
  • The Eisenhower Conspiracy

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