On the Frontlines of the Battle of Portland

This episode is a special double feature. We here at War College think that the deployment of Federal officers to American cities is one of the most important stories of 2020 and we booked two different guests to discuss it.

First, we speak with Robert Evans. Evans is a conflict journalist whose work has appeared in Bellingcat. His most recent article there is What You Need to Know About the Battle of Portland and is required reading on this topic. He’s also the host of the Behind the Bastards podcast, and a Portland resident who has been on the street of the city covering the events for weeks now.

We also spoke with Alan Chin. Chin is a photographer, professor, and writer. He’s covered conflict in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia … and now, the United States. He gives us a broader perspective on the protests and what’s happening outside of Portland.

Oh, and he and Jason are childhood friends.

  • Robert Evans recorded 7/23/20
  • Evans report on the Battle of Portland
  • Who are the Portland protests?
  • The rhythm of nightly street combat
  • The history of the Portland Police Department
  • Tear gas, flash bangs, and murder holes

  • Alan Chin recorded 7/22/20
  • The stress of the pandemic
  • Burning police cars in NYC
  • Lessons learned from Occupy Wall Street
  • China’s protests

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