Booze, Bribes, and Prostitutes: How Fat Leonard Seduced the U.S. Navy

It’s the greatest story you probably don’t know anything about. Or, at least, you have no idea how bad it actually is. The U.S. 7th Fleet is the most powerful Navy in the history of the world. Its area of operations stretches throughout the Pacific. It comprised of up of upwards of 70 ships, 400 aircraft, and around 40,000 sailors and Marines. For about a far too many years it was the plaything of a Malaysian playboy who grifted a fortune off the American taxpayer.

We’re finally doing it. We’re finally doing a Fat Leonard episode.

Our guest today is journalist, best selling author, and host of the incredible Fat Leonard Podcast, Tom Wright. The nine part Fat Leonard Podcast is, for my money, the most comprehensive and well researched version of the story we’re going to lay out for you here. If you’re interested at all in what you’re about to hear, you must check it out.

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