Beirut Wants to do More Than Survive

On August 4, an explosion levelled a port in the Lebanese city of Beirut. Aging ammonium nitrate was the direct cause, but that the explosive fertilizer had been left for almost a decade in a storage warehouse speaks to the broader problems in Lebanon. A corrupt government, a financial crisis, a protest movement, and suffering citizens.

Here to walk us through what’s going on is Blu Fiefer. Fiefer is a Lebanese performance artist who lives in Beirut who believes in signing truth to power. As the protest movement began, she performed for the crowds and livestreamed her set to the world.

  • Recorded 8/24/20
  • Cleaning up the streets
  • The economic collapse
  • Lebanon as the “Rising Phoenix” of the Middle East
  • “It wasn’t this bad during the revolution”
  • The day of the explosion
  • Exploiting Beirut’s “survivor mentality”
  • The cost of staying in Lebanon
  • What was lost in the explosion
  • The Game of Thrones analogy

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