AI and Propaganda in the Israel-Hamas War

This episode was recorded on 10/10/23.

Every war comes with a fog that makes it hard, if not impossible, to tell what’s going on while it’s being fought. The Israel-Hamas War is no different. What sets it apart is a digital information space rife AI generated images, perverse incentives, and outright propaganda. 

This week on Angry Planet we sat down with Emauel Maiberg and Joseph Cox of 404 Media come on the show to talk about covering the war’s and how the digital world has supercharged disinformation.

‘Verified’ OSINT Accounts Are Destroying the Israel-Palestine Information Ecosystem

Elon Musk Broke All the Tools Historians Need to Archive Tweets About Israel-Gaza War

Netanyahu’s Government Is Trying to Suspend the Freedom of Information

AI Images Detectors Are Being Used to Discredit the Real Horrors of War

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