Tribunal on the Crime of Aggression: Faint Prospect or Realistic Probability?

This episode of War & Peace draws on a live Twitter Spaces discussion between Olga Oliker, Elissa Jobson, Crisis Group’s UN Director Richard Gowan and its Senior Adviser for the U.S. Brian Finucane regarding the prospects for a crime of aggression tribunal to hold Russian leadership accountable for the invasion of Ukraine. Their conversation explains what crimes of aggression mean from the standpoint of international law and delves into the roles the UN, the U.S. and the international community might play in establishing a tribunal to prosecute them. The four also cover the historical precedents for and the challenges inherent in implementing such a tribunal, as well as the different shapes it could take in the case of Ukraine. They talk about how a tribunal could affect peacemaking efforts in Ukraine and whether it might disincentivise the Russian leadership from reaching a negotiated settlement. Lastly, they assess the value of a tribunal in upholding international law as well as holding responsible parties accountable.

This discussion was hosted live on Twitter Spaces. For more on the topics discussed in this episode, make sure to check out our Ukraine page.

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