#4 Georgia Dodsworth: A Creative Influencer (recovered)

It's Self-Care Awareness Week (13th-19th Nov) and this week I'm joined by the Founder of The World of Self-Care, Georgia Dodsworth. In this week's episodes Georgia shares her journey with Borderline Personality Disorder and becoming a successful freelancer while still at university studying Performance and Creative Enterprise.

In this episode we talk about how Georgia set up her routine and became so disciplined. Georgia is extremely well organised when it comes to planning her days and she explains how this discipline has helped her BPD. We talk about knowing your worth and how much value you can add. More importantly the power of saying 'No' to opportunities and the mental checklist that she does before deciding that a project is worth her time. Georgia's checklist:

1. What is the project.

2. Do I know the company or brand? What are her views of that brand.

3. How much times is the project going to take out of her day/week?

4. Is the job paid or not?

5. Can she add value to the project?

Georgia's routine includes:

Using a Lumie light alarm.

Writing Morning pages to get all her thoughts out on paper at least 3 times per week.

Creating a to do list/ plan for her day.

Applying makeup to feel ready.

Not working in bed.

Special mentions: Natrellatree.com who sent me a free self-care tree. Toggl, a time management app. Good Time a productivity app.

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