#18 Leslie Hung: Finding and Keeping Your Passion (recovered)

I have to apologise for this episode in advance. The audio file with my voice got corrupted, and we lost all of my audio so unfortunately, this episode doesn’t have the same conversational feel as the rest. The show must go on, and I genuinely believe it’s better to be consistent so I’ve made it work.

Leslie had so much great advice and wisdom to share with budding cartoonists. I’ve narrated all of the best. The episode is broken down into ten parts, and you’ll learn how you can make money from your drawings, how to resolve conflicts when you’re collaborating, how to get your comics and illustrations published and much more.

To find out more about Leslie visit milkmanner.tumblr.com or follow her on Instagram @dairyfree. You can purchase Snotgirl on Amazon; I recommend the collection. Make sure you’re subscribed to Wanna Be on iTunes, Spotify, google play, acast or your favourite podcast app to catch the next episode featuring NYT Bestselling Graphic novelist and illustrator Eleanor Davis.

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