#56 Dr Victoria Showunmi: Stop Working Harder (recovered)

This week I’m joined by my mentor Dr Victoria Showunmi. Dr Victoria is a lecturer in Education at UCL’s Institute of Education and Maynooth University. Dr Victoria’s research interest include women, women’s development, race and identity. She has contributed to a number of books in 2017 including a chapter Feminist Pedagogy, Practice, and Activism: Improving Lives for Girls and Women. Her research has appeared in several peer-reviewed journals I recommend reading ‘Ethnic, gender and class intersections in British women’s leadership experiences’.

In today’s episode, we talk about the impact transracial adoption has had on Dr Victoria’s life. We explore why we believe meritocracy doesn’t exist in the UK. You’ll learn why it’s important you don’t try to work harder but work smarter and build relationships. We touch on the very popular topic of white women weaponising their tears and the ‘angry black woman trope’ to silence black women. Dr Victoria has some very direct advice for those you are looking to enter a relationship. Again, if you’re the kind of person that gets uncomfortable in discussions about race feel free to skip this episode.

If you nodded your head at any of the discussion points in today’s episode and you need someone to talk to feel free to email Dr Victoria, she is incredibly supportive of high-achieving black women and the unique pressures and challenges we face.

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