#55 Dr Victoria Showunmi: Black Women In All White Spaces (Recovered)

This week I’m joined by my mentor Dr Victoria Showunmi. Dr Victoria is a lecturer in Education at UCL’s Institute of Education and Maynooth University. Dr Victoria’s research interest include women, women’s development, race and identity. She has contributed to a number of books in 2017 including a chapter Feminist Pedagogy, Practice, and Activism: Improving Lives for Girls and Women. Her research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals which include 'The colour of class: the educational strategies of the Black middle classes; Multiculturalism and education; Rac(e)ing to class: confronting poverty and race in schools and classroom' and ‘Ethnic, gender and class intersections in British women’s leadership experiences’.

In today’s episode, we talk about the reality of being the only professional black woman and the rejection that comes with it. We talk very openly about our experiences of trauma, white feminism and the damage of well-meaning liberals in the workplace. Dr Victoria shares her solution for how young black women can navigate professional spaces as the only one. I’ll say this now if you’re the kind of person that winces or gets uncomfortable in discussions about race- you might as well just leave this episode alone. It serves a particular need, and if you’ll have difficulty understanding or accepting, then I’d prefer you just hit stop now. I don’t have not one second for you following this outpouring of very real hurt and pain.

If you’re struggling with any of what was discussed feel free to email Dr Victoria, she is incredible supporter and champion of women and swooped in and saved me when I had a very public burn out.

Email: v.showunmi@ucl.ac.uk