#108 Seyi Akiwowo: Fighting Racial Abuse in Politics

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Shoutout to you for listening to last week’s episode with the incredible Lolly Adefope who provided some much needed relief for us all last episode.

I’m honoured to bring you today’s guest! Seyi Akiwowo is the Founder and Executive Director of Glitch. An organisation she set up to tackle online abuse. At 23, Seyi was the youngest elected black female councillor in Newham, East London.

You are in for a real treat with today’s episode, if you’re considering a career in politics then this episode is for you. If you’re finidning yourself more politically engaged due to recent events this is also an episode to listen to. Seyi doesn’t hold back on her experience in UK politics as a young black women. We talk about how to survive in politics, what it takes to see change in our systems and how to combat and deal with online abuse if you’re ever faced with it. Let’s do this!

When I tell you that editing this down was HARD I mean it was HARD. Seyi was speaking the truth throughout! I highly recommend you go follow her if you aren’t already @SeyiAkiwowo on Twitter and Instagram. To learn more about Glitch go to fixtheglitch.org

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