#89 Kerstin Cable: How to Learn A Language Fluently

This episode is brought to you by PRX and Google: PRX is accepting applications for Round 2 of the Google Podcasts creator program. It’s an accelerator designed to get more underrepresented voices into podcasting. Selected teams will receive seed funding and participate in an intensive training program. Apply by April 28 via googlecp.prx.org! Hello and welcome to the Wanna Be Podcast. I’m your host Imrie! Wanna Be is the podcast that takes you from where you are right now to Where you Wanna Be in 30mins or less. Thank you for staying subscribed and listening in. You can subscribe for free and catch a brand new 30 minute episode every Wednesday if you enjoy this episode tell a friend, tweet me @wannabepodcast or screenshot and tag @wannabepodcast in your insta story. This week’s guest us Kerstin Cable, Kerstin is the writer and educator behind www.fluentlanguage.co.uk, a website helping everyone build a language learning habit. Kerstin is a native German speaker and comes from the Moselle valley in Germany. Kerstin studied 6 languages in Germany and has since added another 3 with her most recent language crush, Welsh. She is the host of the Fluent Show podcast, and author of the guides Language Habit Toolkit, Fluency Made Achievable and The Vocab Cookbook. Kerstin also co-organizes the Women in Language online conferences, amplifying and celebrating the voices of women in the language learning community. Kerstin has been running www.fluentlanguage.co.uk since 2012, starting out as a German tutor with a bigger message. Over the last 5 years she has built her reputation as an advocate of independent and creative language learning, created retreats, coaching packages and courses, been featured in the Guardian, the Cut, and on BBC Radio, and worked tirelessly to change how the world sees language learning. In today’s episode, Kerstin shares with you her process of learning new languages. You’ll learn 3 different techniques to overcome your language learning blocks, she also shares the best way to tackle grammar when learning a new language. We cover the best way to achieve language immersion when you don’t have the money to travel and so much more. Kerstin gave so much to this episode it’s been incredible. You can find out more about Kerstin via her website fluentlanguage.co.uk. Subscribe to her podcast the Fluent Show and follow her on Twitter @fluentlanguage Thank you so much for listening in. If you’re listening via the Apple Podcasts app please do me the small favour of spending 5 seconds to leave a rating. Also do get your career, brand, or marketing questions in for the mailbag episode. You can do this via wannabepodcast.com Also we have a new social media manager that’s really setting a new tone on Instagram so be sure to follow @WannaBePodcast on Instagram. If you like how this podcast is made and you think you can do what I do, then you need to reach out to the ShoutOut Network find out more about membership by visiting shoutoutnetwork.co.uk Also the ShoutOut Network has just announced that we’ll be doing the Content Is Queen Women’s podcast festival on May 18th in London. If you’re a woman interested in starting a podcast this is the place to be. Visit solivefestival.com for more information. Be sure to follow Wanna Be on Twitter and Instagram @wannabepodcast. 8mJ71BhLorv8Bvw4qgwM