#87 Greta Solomon- The Life Changing Power Of Writing

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Greta Solomon is a British journalist and writing coach. Trained in speaking, professional acting, improvisation and performance poetry. Greta teaches and trains aspiring writers through her books, events and online courses. In her career as a journalist, she has held staff roles at Woman and Executive Woman and you can find some of her freelance articles published in The Numinous, Forbes.com and Huffington Post, as well as a variety of national newspapers and magazines. Greta has recently published a book Heart, Sass, Soul on May 2nd in the UK or April 15th if you’re based in the US.

In today’s episode, we talk about the life-changing power of freewriting and journaling. You'll learn about the importance of brushing up your writing skills for your work and business. We explore how to balance writing from the heart, with the technical aspects of writing effective copy. While chatting to Greta I also discover one of my biggest writing blockages which I suspect you might be able to relate to. Enjoy.

My fellow writer, I hope this episode touched you as much as it touched me. Writing can be so freeing and I hope Greta’s words gets you out and writing in your free time. You can get a copy of Greta’s book Heart, Sass, Soul on May 2nd in the UK or April 15th if you’re based in the US. You can follow Greta on Instagram Greta.Solomon and on Twitter @Greta_Solomon.

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