#86 Alex Holder: Let's Talk About Money

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I’m so excited about today’s episode, this week’s guest is Alex Holder, Alex is a journalist and brand consultant, who writes for ELLE, Grazia, Refinery29 and the Guardian among others. Her projects have been featured everywhere from the BBC to the New Yorker, while her campaign highlighting the gender pay gap went viral and helped change an actual law. Her work has been taught in schools and debated in parliament. She has been named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative Women globally and listed by the Evening Standard as one of today’s 5 Inspiring Female Leaders.

Alex is the author behind the incredible book: Open Up - The Power of Talking about Money. In today’s episode we obviously talk about well.. Money. Alex breaks down the importance of discussing money in your relationship if one of you earns more than the other. How to overcome the shame of talking about money, budgeting best practice, plus you’ll learn one fun way to start chatting about money with your friends.

Honestly, I could have chatted to Alex for 2 hours about money (she might have to come back!) You simply must get a copy of her book 'Open Up - The Power of Talking About Money,' I couldn’t put it down! You can follow Alex on Twitter and Instagram @AlexandreHolder.

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