#82 Hannah Jewell: Being Fluent In The Internet

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This week’s guest is Hannah Jewell, Hannah is the Pop Culture Host on the video team at The Washington Post, formerly a senior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK. She’s also the author of a book you might have seen around called 100 Nasty Women of History. Which is a collection of stories of the most badass women in history you’ve probably never heard of.

In today’s episode you will learn what it’s like to work with a literary agent, how to harness your fluency in the internet to your advantage, how you can develop confidence and be authentic in your voice, what to do when you feel like a fraud and how to handle criticism from trolls and your boss!  

Hannah is an absolute dream I wish I could have given you the full 1-hour episode as it was full of laughter and wisdom However rest assured you got the very best of what she had to say today!

You can follow Hannah on Twitter @hcjewell

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