#85 Blitz Bazawule: Preparing For Global Recognition

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This week’s guest is Blitz Bazawule, he is a multidisciplinary artist who has had a successful career as a Hip Hop artist and visual artist.

Originally from Ghana, Blitz has toured over 40 countries as an artist and has performed his music at TED.
Blitz wrote, directed, produced and scored his debut film The Burial of Kojo. The film caught the attention of Academy Award nominee Ava DuVernay who says and I quote “one of the freshest and most important new directors in cinema today.” and the film is now part of her Array film distribution collective. The Burial of Kojo will be available on Netflix on 31st March.

In today’s episode, Blitz will teach you about the power of having a clear purpose and mission in your artistic work, why it’s important you focus on the content and not the polish. We cover whether it’s necessary for you to travel or migrate in order to be successful as an artist or creative. He also shares the reason why his work resonates with so many and why it’s essential that your work is seen by as many people as possible.

Ah yes to everything Blitz had to say about endurance and pushing yourself to overcome a personal feat to create art that moves people. I felt that in my spirit. Make sure you keep an eye out for The Burial of Kojo on Netflix from March 31st. Also, you can follow Blitz on Twitter on @BlitzAmbassador

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