#11 Emilie Wapnick: How to be Everything

This week I’m joined by the incredible writer, speaker and community builder Emilie Wapnick! Some of you may be familiar with Emilie because of her TedxBend talk called ‘Why Some of us don’t have one true calling’ where she coined the phrase ‘multipotentialite’. The talk that landed on the front page of Ted.com and has over 4.6 million views to date. Emilie is the founder of puttylike.com which she describes as ‘The home for multipotentialites’. 
She is also the author of the incredible book ‘How to be Everything- a guide for those that still don’t know who they want to be’ and in today’s episode we discuss why and how you can be everything if that’s your calling. How you can change your language and those of your peers so that you can be free to follow the path or paths that you wish to pursue. We also talk about role models and why you need to surround yourself with multipotentialites.

You can find out more about Emilie by visiting her website puttylike.com. You can follow her on twitter @emiliewapnick. Her book ‘How to be Everything’ is available for purchase on Amazon and Audible if you prefer audiobooks. It’s incredible, and the last chapters will boost your productivity.

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