#54 DJ Nikki Beatnik: How To Be A DJ (recovered)

This week I’m joined by DJ Nikki Beatnik, she is a DJ and record producer who has spun in more than 60 countries. Nikki has served as Kelis official tour Dj for the best part of a decade, is the winner of Best DJ at the UMA’s and has been described as a “Multi-Faceted Icon” by Reebok. She has spun parties for everyone from Giuseppe Zanotti, Jay Z, Alan Carr, To The British Fashion Awards. In today’s episode, we cover the basics of getting started as a DJ, how you can rise to the top in male-dominated environments, you’ll learn how to gain respect from your peers and the attitude you need to book your first gig. We also touch on labelling and whether or not you should add 'female' to your job title. It’s just as good as the last episode, enjoy!

How lovely was that! I hope that the mothers listening and you future mums take something away from this episode. You can follow Nikki on Twitter @djnikkibeatnik you check out her sets on Youtube under Beatnik.

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