Walking Your Talk

by Carolyn Taylor
This podcast is about leadership, authenticity and courage. Every episode is a personal development experience showing you how you can transform yourself and thus transform those around you and ultimately the organisation within which you work. Take a stand, choose a value - accountability, one-team, customer-centric, and many more - and come away with insights and practical tips on what it takes to authentically live that day-to-day. Many people and organisations hold these values, but don’t practise them. Through this podcast you will close that gap and as a result earn higher trust from your clients and colleagues, because they see you walking your talk.

Carolyn Taylor is a global thought leader in personal development and culture change, with a reputation for having a practical, insightful and do-able approach. She has coached thousands of leaders and helped hundreds of organisations change their culture, and is the author of the classic best-selling handbook Walking the Talk: How to Build a culture for success.
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