2019 College Football and NFL Handicapping Preview and Tips

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Lead Data Analyst and bookmaker from CG Analytics (also 2nd place in 2006 LVH NFL SuperContest and 2008 Friendly Franks Southpoint Contest Winner) in Vegas William Bernanke @themoneylineguy joins the panel to go over the latest action from the other side of the counter and answer questions from our panel:

Q: Will how did Week 2 of the NFL Preseason go for the House?

Q: Will there was one game last week that I want to ask you about. The Saints/Chargers game saw the Chargers open -3 but saw the Saints close -2 or -2.5. The game ended with the Saints winning 19-17. How did the House fare with this game landing at 2.

Q: We have seen some crazy line moves in the Preseason. What is triggering the big moves? Is it breaking information on player rotations or is it Money?

Q: Looking at Friday's action the Lions opened a -2.5 point favorite at one book but we have seen this line move to Buffalo -2 what's fueling this big move.

Q: Looking at the rest of this weeks Preseason action where is the money at?

Q: Which side and which total presents the biggest liability for the House?

Q: College Football gets underway on Saturday with two games how has the action been and where have the bets been going.

Q: Before I let you go last night was a historic night as in the same night the Houston Astros set a record for the highest moneyline on a Baseball Game. Unfortunately they set a second record as well as they were the biggest favorite to lose a game. What did CG close this game at and how good was it for the house to see Houston lose?

Q: I would have to think it was a very good night in regards to parlays as most casual bettors are going to throw that big favorite in just to add another leg to the parlay or did you have anyone hit a parlay with Detroit on the ticket for a significant score?

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Handicappers's Corner takes a look at the upcoming NFL and College Football Season

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