Covid-19 and the border

Dara, Jane, and Matt on the intersection between the pandemic and Trump's border crackdown, and a white paper about happiness.

"It’s Impossible to “Distance” in ICE Detention. Doctors Say Free All Detainees." by Jack Herrera, Truthout
"How ice operations in New York set the stage for a coronavirus nightmare in local jails" by Ryan Devereaux, The Intercept
"Leaked Border Patrol Memo Tells Agents to Send Migrants Back Immediately — Ignoring Asylum Law" by Dara Lind, ProPublica
"The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis" by Jonathan Rauch, The Atlantic
"Why Elders Smile" by David Brooks, NYTimes
White Paper

Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias), Senior Correspondent, Vox
Jane Coaston (@cjane87), Senior politics correspondent, Vox
Dara Lind (@DLind), Immigration reporter, ProPublica

The Weeds is produced and edited by Jeff Geld

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