The gun control stalemate, explained

Dylan Matthews and Dara Lind are joined by Vox politics reporter Nicole Narea (@nicolenarea) to talk about gun violence. They discuss the findings of three different research studies related to gun policy, which gun control policies are effective, the outcomes of specific violence interventions, and how state legislatures respond to mass shootings. 

Editorial note: This episode touches on gun violence and suicide. If you want to talk to someone, you can call 1-800-273-8255 or visit  

The Uvalde massacre and America's unique gun violence problem, explained
Dylan on how gun ownership became a powerful political identity 
White paper 1: “The Science of Gun Policy”
White paper 2: “Presence of Armed School Officials and Fatal and Nonfatal Gunshot Injuries During Mass School Shootings, United States, 1980-2019”
White paper 3: “The Impact of Mass Shootings on Gun Policy”
Press coverage of mass shootings can cause copycat shootings

Dylan Matthews (@dylanmatt), senior correspondent, Vox
Dara Lind (@dlind), Weeds co-host, Vox

Sofi LaLonde, producer and engineer
Libby Nelson, editorial adviser
Amber Hall, deputy editorial director of talk podcasts

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