Looking into relation between trust, media & tech

In the last episode of #Voices4Media we sit with prof. Luciano Morganti from the VUB Research centre specialised in social scientific research on media and ICT. Prof. Morganti is also Stars4Media Project Manager, working first hand with media innovators of tomorrow, providing them with expert advice and guidance. Today prof. Morganti dives deep into the growing trust gap between audience and media, technology as an ally for jornalists and the role of innovation in building constructive journalistic product - and how these are reflected and supported by Stars4Media. #Voices4Media is a podcast on media, for the media and by the media.

Professor Luciano Morganti is a senior researcher at the VUB/ES in the Communication Department, where he teaches in the international master New Media and Society in Europe. The courses covered are related to New Media, the EU and the European Public Sphere, and Internet Governance. Intrigued by the interaction between (new) communication technologies and democratic processes. in his work prof. Morganti reflects upon the concept and idea of the Public Sphere and in particular of the European Public Sphere. His present research focuses on social, political and communicative aspects of citizens’ participation, citizens’ empowerment and participatory democracy looking on the new media on the backdrop of the EU integration process and governance and the EU information and communication policies. In addition to this, he is also passionate about the ongoing discussion concerning the governance of the Internet and the innovation new media bring about in our culture(s), society(ies), and politics.

Book that Inspired him: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and 21 lessons for the 21st century by Yuval Noah Harari

#Voices4Media is a podcast on media, for the media and by the media. #Voices4Media is powered by Stars4Media, an innovation exchange programme aiming at facilitating cooperation between media professionals, to accelerate media innovation and cross-border cooperation.

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