Fostering A New Approach Episode 5: Unregulated accommodation for children in care and care leavers

This week Casey and Diana talk about independent and semi-independent accommodation, which includes hostels, foyer, flats, shared housing and supported living. At the moment these provisions are unregulated so there is no national standard for them and they are not open to inspections from Ofsted.

Main talking points:

  • When are you really mature enough to only receive support and not care?
  • The pros and cons of living independently or semi-independently.
  • The quality of accommodation. “If a staff member walks into a room and thinks, I wouldn’t sleep in here, then why am I expected to?”
  • The risks of moving out of your area
  • We just want to feel safe


Views of care experienced people sought by the government:

'Lonely' and 'unsafe': Young people's experiences of unregulated supported accommodation: Children and Young People Now

Unregulated provision – public consultation will be “fundamentally flawed” without meaningful consultation with children and young people:





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