Baselitz. The Retrospective

This podcast invites you to an immersion in the life and work of Georg Baselitz. Discover the exhibition through a storytelling including focuses on works by Pamela Sticht and various quotes of the artist.

Production: Clara Gouraud

Writing: Clara Gouraud and Pamela Sticht, associate curator at the Musée national d’art moderne

Voices: Claire Olivier and Florian Hutter

Editing: Maxime Champesme

Mixing and recording: Ivan Gariel

Sound design: Sixième son

Musical excerpts: Intabolatura de lauto: Fantasia No. 30 by Francesco da Milano interpreted by Paul O’Dette; Magnificat septimi toni by Costanzo Festa, interpreted by Huelgas Ensemble and Paul Van Nevel; So What de Miles Davis; Musik im Bauch by Karlheinz Stockhausen interpreted by Les Percussions de Strasbourg; Étude sur les mouvements rotatoires by Ivan Wyschnegradsky interpreted by Sylvaine Billier, Martine Joste, Gérard Frémy, Fuminori Tanada & Fernand Vandenbogaerde; GDR anthem interpreted by Großer Chor des Berliner Rundfunks 

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