Virtue Chamber Echo Bravo Chapter 11 - 14th August 2019 - BOOTLEG!


Welcome to the first - and only - official bootleg VCEB. In this recording from 14th August 2019, at the Edinburgh Fringe, we had technical issues that we couldn't fix in the tight Fringe turnaround, meaning today's seminar is coming to you from the emergency backup 'bootleg' recording. We didn't want to deprive you of today's healing, after all. There's a few weird noises, and you can hear the echo of the room a bit more, but if you're willing to pay attention, you can still be healed. Remember, you need to put something in to get something out.

Hear about what happened to Phillip's TV, Anthony's shirts, merchandise, and we meet some latecomers from Canada!

It's a weird time. If you can help us out in any way during this crisis, we'd really appreciate it. No obligation, but if you can / want to - you can do that here;

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