Virtue Chamber Echo Bravo Chapter 10 - 13th August 2019

Welcome back. Today we meet Ian, and struggle to pronounce the names of a couple of European countries.

Today is all about ‘awareness’. Anthony would also like you to be aware of Bare-ness, and has some tips for successful urination.

It’s quite a musical one today, with a reprisal of ‘Nick Clegg’s Legs’ and a new song about a baby-eating politician gets it’s Edinburgh debut…

This is probably the seminar with the biggest lull in the middle.

This is because it’s exact the middle of the Edinburgh run, and we’ve reached the designated ‘lull’ part of – not just the show – but also the entire Fringe.

Also, there’s a bit of technical interference on the sound desk at one point.

Nothing too bad though, you’ll get through it.  We believe in you.


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