Virtue Chamber Echo Bravo Chapter 1 - 2nd August 2019

Virtue Chamber Echo Bravo arrives at the Chaos of the Edinburgh Fringe for their first seminar. What's it about? What will happen? Did all their merchandise arrive? Did Tony arrive? Did they get enough time in to tech the show properly? The answer to some of these questions is no. To find the answers to any other questions & dip your toes into the water of Virtue Chamber Echo Bravo, come in, sit down & enjoy the ifesto like it were a warm bath.

Further chapters from the fringe have already been recorded, and will be coming soon....

But come to the live show, 3.40pm at The Hive, Niddry Street, Edinburgh every day of the 2019 festival (apart from the 7th, 12th & 20th). There's merch to buy, and fun to be had, and you will be healed.


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