Writer Sadie Stein on Losing Her Temper

The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive guide to enlightening information. We’re in the middle of celebrating the release of our 11th annual Fiction Issue. Inside the magazine, we curated a special subsection of personal stories about losing your temper. Akhil Sharma wrote about a bully, Walter Kirn wrote about a rooster, and David Shields and Allen Pearl also participated. But today we’re highlighting “Rage Blackouts,” Sadie Stein’s personal essay from the section.


In Stein’s essay, she discusses how small annoying incidents throughout the day (“the whole store-full of old ladies who banged their carts into me at Zabars”) will piss her off, but she smile’s through the ordeal, holding it all in. “Then it all comes out at night” in extreme dreams, which includes shouting expletives and punching in her sleep, usually while her husband sleeps next to her (wielding heavy-duty earplugs).


Stein stopped by the office to chat about how she deals with her “rage blackouts”—sleeping on airplanes is out of the question—her writing process, and more.

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