Waypoints 52 - Severance

CW: Discussion of Suicide at approximately 1:31:42

It's been a banner year not just for narrative games, but for games with themes surrounding labor, surviving under late capitalism, and the self, from Norco, to Citizen Sleeper, to Hardspace Shipbreaker. It should come as no surprise that today we're talking about the Apple TV+ show Severance, which slots neatly and expertly into these same themes. Come for Patrick’s Sonos-buying update, stay for our Spoiler-Lite impressions, and then get ready to deep dive in our Spoiler-Full discussion of this excellently constructed dark comedy about separating your work life from the rest of your life—literally.

Discussed: Patrick's Sonos Update 01:06, Severance Spoiler-Lite Discussion 26:20, Severance - Spoilercast 59:08, CW Discussion of Suicide 1:31:42-1:33:11, Outro and Announcements 2:17:53

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