Waypoints 48 - Yellowjackets, The Expanse, and Rob's Motorsports Mania

Welcome back to Waypoints! What's usually a very video games light show actually gets interrupted by breaking news: Sony is going to buy Bungie, the studio behind the Halo and Destiny franchises. Next, Cado and Rob talk through the Expanse as it closes out it's final season, and track how the show has changed season to season, and the difference between the Syfy and Amazon Prime eras. After the break, Patrick introduces the crew to Yellowjackets, the new Lost-esque show that people have been raving about. Then Rob tells us about his new Motorsports obsession. What's that? Rob's already into Motorsports? Ok maybe but not these Motorsports!

Discussed: Sony Buys Bungie 2:15, Halo TV show 27:16, The Expanse 31:41 , Yellowjackets 54:43, Rob's Motorsports Mania 1:25:46

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