Episode 447 - CHOP VS.

Rob, Patrick, and Cado come together on this Keighly’s Eve to talk about the things that, well, The Game Awards probably won’t talk about. We catch up with the continuing stories coming out of Activision-Blizzard, and the current strike and strike fund to combat against horrible working conditions and the layoffs that happened at Raven Software. After the break, Rob and Cado are taking to the stars in CHOPVS. Er, sorry CHORVS. Wait no, I’m hearing word that it’s actually Chorus? An arcady open world space shooter with some questionable marketing decisions around their name, but some pretty fun (well for Cado at least) arcady space shooting action. Patrick’s been diving into the XBOX Demo Festival and checked out a few new games, and Rob is playing a game from 2017 that he didn’t know had been unlisted from the store, Forza Motorsport 7. Then we take a quick dip in the question bucket to see how deep the roast-your-own-coffee rabbit hole goes.

Discussed: Activision-Blizzard 4:13, Chorus 34:36, Xbox Demo Fest 57:04, Overpass 58:23, Loot River 1:00:26, Nobody Saves the World 1:03:47, STALKER 2 1:08:05, The Matrix Awakens - An Unreal Engine 5 Experience 1:13:25, Forza Motorsport 7 1:20:07, The Question Bucket 1:30:57

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